Different kind of traders

1. Scalper

These traders generally hold on to their trades for a few seconds to minutes. They quickly jump in and out of the market, trying to catch around 5-10 pips per trade. They normally trade for about 15 to 30 minutes a day, especially during the London or New York session. A soon as they reach their daily target, they’re done for the day.

Strategies: Harmonics, Vibrata (Money Flow, Simple Scalper, Index Infusion), Delorean, Liberty (Simplescalper, Pickpocket), Swipecoin (Scalper)

2. Intraday

These traders usually set their trades at the beginning of the day, based upon their analysis. They often aim for at least 20-70 pips per trade. At the end of the day, their trades either result in a win or a loss. Some of these day traders look a few times per day on the charts, setting their stop loss to break even or taking partial profits. They normally don’t hold their trades overnight.

Strategies: Harmonics, FRX Advanced, Vibrata (Triple Fire Strategy, London Payout/ECC11, Thor, Index Infusion), Goldcup (US30, Pricetrap), SteadyBounceback (Sniper), Delorean (Shadow), Pivots, Swipecoin, Levels, Liberty (Webslinger)

3. Swing trader

These traders are willing to hold on to their trades for a longer term, sometimes even for several days. Having this kind of patience can be very rewarding, as you only need a few trades per week were you’re usually aiming for at least 100-300 pips per trade. These traders usually monitor their charts pretty little, which could allow them to enjoy more freedom.

Strategies: Harmonics, FRX Advanced, Steady, Swipecoin, Swipetrades

 4. Position trader

These traders hold on to their trades for weeks, months or even years. Some people like to call them trade investors. They often analyze the market from a fundamental perspective and have big patience to let their trades play out in the long term, trying to catch massive long term moves with over 1000+ pips per trade. They take usually a few trades per month.

Strategies: Harmonics, FRX Advanced, Steady